Training: Intercultural mediation - 2019, July 11th

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This practical workshop, in Spanish, will be translated in French (morning) and in English (afternoon).  

8.30 – 12.00       Group 1 

13.30 – 17.00     Group 2 

Half day training, on July 2019 the 11th (morning or afternoon: 3,5 hours)

This training is a theoretical and practical introduction to intercultural mediation. It is necessary to introduce a complementary look at our mediation practices to better understand and include the individual backgrounds of those involved in the process. Participants will also learn about the concept of interculturality, an essential resource concept for creating bridges between cultures and communities and for resolving conflicts rooted in misunderstanding, differences, or rejection of the Other. Several approaches to intercultural mediation will be presented to participants. The workshop will outline the main functions, techniques, and skills needed for intercultural mediation. The training uses interactive tools with the participants (role-playing, interactive cards, videos, PowerPoint, exchanges, etc.).

Liliana Kremer (Argentina)                 

Liliana Kremer holds a PhD in Socio-Agricultural Studies, she is mediator , Professor and main researcher in Education and Social Work at the National University of Cordoba in Argentina, and associated Professor of Social Work at the University of Sherbrooke (Quebec, Canada).

As an active member of the Chaco Women's Collective (, a member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Intercultural Research (ARIC), and a member of the Canada-Cordoba Centre, she develops leadership and training activities that use action-research methodologies. Her expertise lies also in citizen and intercultural mediation, and dialogue and the facilitation of public debates.

Liliana Kremer is involved in promoting citizen mediation as a means of deploying more respectful and inclusive relationships as a method of conflict prevention in the social, cultural, territorial and academic fields (Transformation and Appropriate Conflict Resolution Approach).

Liliana Kremer is co-author of "Redes Transnacionales. Perspectivas entrelazadas Norte-Sur", Ed. Colegio de Michoacan (Mex) and U Carlos Hurtado (Ch) and "Regards entrelacés Nord-Sud sur les réseaux transnationaux Dynamiques familiales, sociojuridiques et citoyennes dans la migration", Ed. Harmatan. She is also the author of several articles including: " Genre, diversité et territoire : l’utilisation des approches narratives dans une recherche partenariale transnationale ", Revue Recherche Sociographiques (2017) and "Marcar diferencias, cruzar fronteras, demarcar y reforzar los bordes in a e-book Universidad Nacional de Colombia, siège Manizales" (2018) and "Feminismos y educacion; Otros lenguajes que proporcionan sentido al intercambio", Revue Momento, Brasil.

Link to the: Curriculum Vitae of Liliana Kremer

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